Griselda: A Netflix Series That Chronicles the Rise and Fall of a Notorious Drug Queenpin

Our Rating: 7.9

Cast: Sofía Vergara, Alberto Guerra, Sebastián Cano, Mauricio Cano, Christian Tappan, Paulina Dávila, Moisés Armendáriz, John Paul Ospina, Verónica Orozco

Director: Luis Ortega, Andrés Baiz, Diana Sánchez


Griselda, a captivating new Netflix series, delves into the extraordinary life of Griselda Blanco, the notorious Colombian drug queenpin who ruled Miami with an iron fist during the 1970s and 1980s. The series, created by the same team behind the acclaimed Narcos, promises to be an engrossing and suspenseful exploration of a complex and fascinating woman.

Sofia Vergara delivers a tour-de-force performance as Griselda, portraying her with both vulnerability and ruthlessness. She captures the essence of a woman who defied societal expectations and rose to power in a male-dominated world.

The series meticulously recreates the gritty streets of Miami during Griselda’s reign, immersing viewers in the dangerous and glamorous world of drug trafficking. The cinematography is stunning, capturing the vibrant colors and contrasting environments of the era.

Griselda is not just a story about a drug lord; it’s also a story about a mother, a businesswoman, and a survivor. The series explores the complex relationships between Griselda and her family, her business associates, and her enemies.

The series is not without its flaws. Some critics have found the pacing to be slow at times and the violence to be excessive. The series’ strong points, which include its engaging performances, meticulous attention to detail, and examination of complex subjects, exceed these shortcomings.

Overall, Griselda is a must-see for fans of true crime dramas and those interested in the lives of powerful women. The series is a gripping and thought-provoking exploration of a woman who lived a life of crime, passion, and ambition.

Key Points:

  • Griselda is a new Netflix series about the notorious Colombian drug queenpin Griselda Blanco.
  • The series is created by the same team behind Narcos and stars Sofia Vergara as Griselda.
  • The series is set in Miami during the 1970s and 1980s and explores Griselda’s rise to power and her reign as a drug kingpin.
  • Griselda is a captivating and suspenseful exploration of a complex and fascinating woman.

Photo Courtesy: NETFLIX Youtube Official Trailer