Orion and the Dark: A Heartwarming Adventure for the Whole Family

Our Rating: 8.7

Director: Dean DeBlois

In February 2024, Netflix will release the animated film “Orion and the Dark,” which follows Orion and his new friend on a pleasant voyage through the world of nighttime. Based on the award-winning children’s book of the same name, this enchanting tale is brought to life by the creative minds of Charlie Kaufman, Academy Award-winning screenwriter, and Dean DeBlois, producer of the beloved “How to Train Your Dragon” trilogy.


Dean DeBlois, known for his masterful storytelling and captivating visuals, takes the helm of this heartwarming adventure. His expertise in crafting immersive worlds and endearing characters shines through in the trailer, promising a visually stunning and emotionally resonant experience for audiences of all ages.


A stellar cast lends their voices to the vibrant characters of “Orion and the Dark.” Young Orion, a boy with a vivid imagination and a fear of the Dark, is brought to life by the talented voice actor [Voice Actor Name]. The enigmatic and somewhat misunderstood Dark is voiced by [Voice Actor Name], who captures the character’s gentle nature and playful spirit.

Release Date:

Mark your calendars for February 2024, when “Orion and the Dark” graces Netflix with its presence. This enchanting animated adventure is sure to become a family favorite, captivating young minds with its whimsical storytelling and heartwarming message of overcoming fear and embracing the beauty of the unknown.

Key Points:

  • Director: Dean DeBlois
  • Cast: [Voice Actor Name] as Orion, [Voice Actor Name] as The Dark
  • Release Date: February 2024

Photo Courtesy: NETFLIX Youtube Official Trailer